Friday, September 3, 2010

Short u and Long u

Both short u and long basically have the same starting position: pursed lips with a very small opening. Their only difference is length of time. As you guessed, short u is pronounced with one beat, and long u with two. Let's move on to the drills, then. ^^

Long u (ʊ̈)                                  Short u (Ʊ)
                                                     fool                                             full
                                                     pool                                            pull
                                                    shooed                                         should
                                                    wooed                                         would
                                                    cooed                                          could

Long u (ʊ̈)

  1. Luke stewed while he cooked a stew.
  2. The groom's tooth is loose.
  3. The putrid boot is in the loo.
  4. Rude boys are taboo.
Short u (Ʊ)
  1. A bull pushed the woman with a crook.
  2. The butcher took some cookie recipes.
  3. I would pull the pages in the cookbook.
  4. The wolves stole the hood from the hook.

A Tudor who tooted the flute,
Tried to tutor two tooters to toot,
Said the two to the Tudor,
"Is it harder to toot,
Or to tutor two tooters too toot?"

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